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Swiss saxophonist Marc Jufer is a highly skilled well travelled improviser who has played his talents in a variety of music styles.

Trip to the center, Jufer’s latest recording on a QFTF label is the first time I’ve come across his music and I do like it. He is full of twists and turns and surprises as well as displaying an ability to make a melody very memorable.

He decided to omit the harmony instrument for the album, to focus on a pure trio sound, hurried by a new rhythmic pair of  German and New York bassist Lisa Hoppe and New York  rising star drummer Devin Gray.

They recorded " Trip to the Center " over a two day period and it didn’t take them long to find their center.


This tune " symétrique ascendant "  is full of fire and power.


There is no doubt that Marc Jufer is a force.

Maurice Hogue

host/producer and


Marc Jufer 

tenor sax, compositions

Lisa Hoppe


Devin Gray       


Interview in Jazz Blues News

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