M A R C   J U F E R


« This album is impressive! These three musicians really don’t hold back and take risks in the most unexpected ways »

« It’s an exciting dialog. A vibrant travelogue. An exciting trip to the city! More of this, please! »

Sammy Goulbourne

UK Vibe / UK

« Marc Jufer Trio continues the challenging sax-bass-drums instrumentation in the jazz history nicely in their own personal way »

Markus Partanen

Jazzklubi / FINLAND

« Marc Jufer subtly threads his way through his compositions, often ruminating at low pitch and volume before turning up the heat »

Jerôme Wilson

All About Jazz / USA

« Swiss saxophonist Marc Jufer is a highly skilled well travelled improviser who has played his talents in a variety of music styles »

« Trip to the center, Jufer’s latest recording on a QFTF label is the first time I’ve come across his music and I do like it »

« Trip To The Center is full of twists and turns and surprises as well as displaying an ability to make a melody very memorable »

« There is no doubt that Marc Jufer is a force »

Maurice Hogue 

One Man's Jazz on All About Jazz / CANADA